Open vlc player using activity starter?

Hello everyone

I need to develop a simple application and I need help developing this application

about opening vlc player specified url using activity starter I need help


tell event, if vlc is not installed, it will be redirected to play store, if installed, to player
but the problem is that i get activity starter 601 error

Did I do something wrong in the activity starter while starting vlc or will something else be written? I’m waiting for your answers.

thank you

Try this

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first of all thank you for your reply
i tried this
but it didn’t happen, but when I messed up the community, I found the information and it’s working fine now.
@bestprintsf thank you it’s explained in a discussion and it works just fine

For VLC Player:
Action = android.intent.action.VIEW
Activity Class =
Activity Package = org.videolan.vlc
Data Uri = Your video link
Start Activity

Just write this in activity starter, of course, vlc player must be installed on the phone.

It’s interesting that I came to a solution shortly after opening this discussion. :sweat_smile:

thank you

well you can do more things also in vlc by giving extra values

source - Vlc documentation


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it’s actually the same as what you did, but I tried it too, it didn’t work, you got the source from wiki, right?

Thank you enough for the project I will do

Yes ``````

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