Open whatsapp chat for my users but in my app not in whatsapp?

Right now, we can set triggers to open WhatsApp app directly. But I want to open whatsapp chat for my users without having them to leave my app. Any idea how that can be done?

Done this for YouTube if user click on button1 then YouTube will open and user redirect to particular channel or video. Same you want for whatsapp also ??? Tell

You can’t open any WhatsApp chat in your app. You have to open it within WhatsApp using below references:

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When user clicks on button. Then whatsApp should open but in my App not in whatsApp Application.

You only need to open whatsapp thought your app . So see this above blocks

Extension name : App launcher

And if you want user click on button1 and user redirect to any whatsapp group which created by you. Tell ???

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