Open Whatsapp when click in a button

Hey everyone. I’m new here and i am trying to do a simple app with a button that when I click will open whatsapp (button to link Share on WhatsApp).

I tried use webview and others with no success. Any sugestions ?

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With Activity Starter you can also open WhatsApp of a specific number.

BTW, welcome to our community!

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I hope it helps you …


Thank for the help. It’s works very fine. BRASILLL !!! hehe Valeu cara obrigado


@anderson, Please, mark it as a solution! :white_check_mark:


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Yes I will. Another question: I can send a text initial like ‘Hi’ ?

Yes … use the “ExtraValue” block from Activity Starter

Not work. but the first code is very good for me. thanks

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@anderson, it works if you use the contactPicker instead of a specific number, but then for that, you will find the Share Message to WhatsApp from the Sharing Component.


Nice solution. But in my case i want to send a message to specific user automatic

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I don’t think WhatsApp allows programs to send messages without the user’s consent.

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i know that. but i just want to open whatsapp in the conversation of a specific number.

there are already a few Whatsapp solutions around…
How to start Whatsapp/send a message with Whatsapp
CallLog and WhatsApp Utils Extension by Andres Daniel
Taps Swipe Loopup Whatsapp Extension by Andres Daniel
Another Whatsapp Extension by Juan Antonio
Whatsapp Send Message Extension by Ivan Moreno (2 USD)
and the extensions directory is here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps



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