Opening app on website

I am really sorry if this has been already asked, but…
Is it possible for my app to open when a user goes on a specific site.
For example, the user goes to and my app opens on Screen1 with the start value 43 (
The answer would be soooo appreciated.
Thanks community,

Search community with keyword Deep-linking.

Follow this …

You can use custom tabs also…

Are you asking when some one visits your website and he/she will be redirected to your app?
Then, you have to do it with your website html code

On your website:
1.Ask/redirect user to show it on app
2.On redirect, start app with start value
3.If App is not installed on phone, I think Android system will redirect to Playstore to install your app

On your App:
On.Screen.Initialized: Use Get Plain Start Text Block

***Note: I did not test it… and I don’t know HTML…