Openscreenanimation dont work on opposite screen orientation


I don’t know if this is kodular or android related, but maybe there is a solution i dont know.
So the problem is with the openscreenanimation when the screen is in opposite orientation or the orientation doesnt matter if the screen rotation is locked to the opposite orientation. So if i open a landscape page when i hold my phone in portrait position in may hand and phone screen rotation is enabled, or i open the same page when the phone screeen rotation is disabled (locked) in portrait mode, then the openscreenanimation doent work. It is tru for the opposite orientation too. So if i have a portrait page and i open it with phone holded on landscape mode with enabled phone screen rotation, or the phone screen rotation is locked in landscape mode. It is lokks like more of an android issue based on the rotation setings, but who knows. Maybe it is fixable.

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this was answered in detail in the App Inventor community

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