OpenStreetMap aerial not showing

I am trying to use the map component (OpenStreetMap) using Aerial Map type but the tiles do not load in Spain, not even in the Creator. I have no problem using Roads map type.
I guess the problem is that it uses USGS satellite imaginery, that convers the U.S. Is there a way to change the imaginery source to use Esri, for example?

Is there a reason why you want to use Openstreetmap instead of Google maps? I like openstreetmap because every little walkingpath can be found. But most users of my app know Google Maps so i show them what they know. :grin:

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I prefer using OpenStreetMaps because in most cases the roads map type is used, and I think it is better for my use case than the “normal” Google maps type (as you say, more details can be seen).

Some of the users have said that in some areas, to be able to better recognize the location, they prefer a satellite map. It is for those cases for which I want to allow the selection of Aerial map type, but as I say here the tiles do not load for zoom levels higher than 8.

In any case, in the app the user can choose which map to use, OpenStreetMap or Google Maps. I could just allow the satellite vision for the Google maps selection, but as the satellite style is an option in OpenStreetMap, I would like to allow it in both maps.

I also don’t prefer using OpenStreetMaps for three reasons:

  1. The country names are in their language, so for e.g. Serbia it says Србија (Serbia in Serbian) :rofl:
  2. The maps are kinda ugly to me, tbh
  3. The map offends my nation (Serbians).
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Can you explain how? :thinking:

I don’t want to bring politics here so I will just PM you.

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I know that


Another reason to use OpenStreetMap is that the snnipet in the markers allows multiple lines, whereas I have not been able to do the same in the Google maps (I have tried \n < b r >, < p > < / p >,… ).

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