OpenstreetMap not showing

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I have created an app with map component (openstreetmap not google map)
And testin on 2 devices, one is android 5.1 and other is android 9.
On android 5.1 everything is ok, but on android 9 map not showing, it is like blank gesture

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It depends on internet speed. I was also surprised. But then I waited for some time until map loading finished. It takes time to show if u use aerial view. Then it will show (if everything is alright).

#Tip may work: U can reduce zoom level for faster loading.

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May be. But both phones are on same wifi

Why none of stuff does not help? I want release my app to store. Please help me. I have last 2 problem to solve. This is the biggest project made by Kodular or any block language. I hav not seen any other like this

Hi @Mr_Nicolas !
Can you please prepare and share an example AIA demonstrating the issue ?


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Yes. But situation is simple. I create new project, add map and extract project. It works on android 5 but not on android 9

@Mr_Nicolas We tested a sample app on a device running on Android 9 and the maps are loaded.

Can you please share the APK or AIA, if that’s possible ?
(DM the APK or AIA if you don’t want to share it here on this thread)

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Ok i will send you tomorrow. Thank you for response

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My problem has been solved automatically after draco 1.3.1 update. Thank you very much. I love Kodular​:heart:

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I have the same problem.
I am with the current version:
june 17 2019
1.3c.2 draco
use companion 1.3c draco

Any suggestion ?