Operating Systems

(Sander Jochems) #21

I can overclock it up to 3200 MHz

Yeah, but then it gets hot

(Hybro Team) #22

macOS Mojave (Beta 2)? i cant even update my iMac from 10.13.3 to 10.13.4, it cant boot after the update and now require a Harddisk replacement ! :roll_eyes:

(Arda Çebi) #23

I’m a iOS & macOS developer :wink:

I’m using a MacBook Pro Mid-2012

(Hybro Team) #24

Wow ! How do you develop iOS App ? Xcode ? Thunkable X ?

(Arda Çebi) #25

Xcode, I’m not experienced as Android Studio, but I can use it

(Nathan) #26

How many operating systems from Microsoft do you need? You forgot Windows 8.1

(Hybro Team) #27

i am SAMUEL, the Founder of Hybro Team

i think xcode is easier to use, as i learn Xcode in IT Center and i just learn a little about Android Studio by self learning

(Arda Çebi) #28


(Nathan) #29

I had Windows XP once, it crashed on me and I couldn’t use Internet Explorer because, even if I had my Ethernet cable connected to my laptop, it didn’t pick up anything :laughing:

(Hybro Team) #30

Oh yes, i just installed Windows 8 Pro on my Desktop LoL

and for the Windows 7 Device Spec

The computer in my school LOL
it is so old !

Windows 7 Pro
Intel Core i7 3770
16gb ddr3 ram
Shared Harddisk
Nvidia Graphics Card

works well , lags if too much blocks ,
luckily my school didnt block .io domains

(Hybro Team) #31

Let’s try DOS and UNIX ?

(Arda Çebi) #32

I used Windows XP for 1 year, when I was 5 years old…

(Nathan) #33

It’s the most complicated thing to use… The slow start-up time, the freaking ear raping Windows XP sound, so much more!

(Hybro Team) #34

Talking about Operating Systems,
i am going to : :slight_smile:

Hybro OS

  1. A Hybrid OS that support all software of Linux, Unix, DOS, Mac , Macintosh, Android, Nokia, Windows, iOS and even more
  2. A New UI mixed with Apple and Google’s UI , and we hope to create the world’s best UI for an OS
  3. Optimized For Makeroid, Hybro OS works with all Makeroid Built Apps and it have an AUTO BUG FIX FEATURE To fix all bugs found in Makeroid built apps, also, we have built in Makeroid , so you can build your app offline with Makeroid

Price : $100 USD (20% will be donated to Makeroid Team and 20% will be donated to Charity)


(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #35

When my laptop doesn’t reach the 20% of @Sander’s power :joy:

Mine is

i5-6200U up to 2.8Ghz
4GB DDR3 + External 4GB DDR3
Nvidia Geforce 920M



Since we are going off topic again. This was my first computer.


It had 64KB of memory.

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #37

Is it stable?
I was thinking on replacing Arch Linux, and I’ve heard about Linux Mint several times

(Hybro Team) #38

i think Makeroid’s server’s Power should be a lot higher than @Sander’s power :rofl:

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #39

Who knows :roll_eyes:
That secret will never be revealed :joy:


Oh yes, it is really stable. Never any problems, never any viruses, works like a charm. Wouldn’t want to use anything else anymore. When i buy a new laptop the first thing i do is install Linux Mint along side it. Never install the windows stuff. When the warranty is over i delete the windows partition and enlarge the linux one.