Operating Systems


I would like to know on what platforms users of Makeroid are working?

I use Linux Mint Mate 18.3 at the moment.

(Nathan) #2

I call Windows 10 and Linux before.

(Daniel) #3

Raspbian Jessie


I have a Raspberry Pi to. Is Makeroid working for you?

(Daniel) #5

Yeah, it works correctly


What Linux are you using?

(Nathan) #7


It was Zorin OS… A Linux distribution.

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #8

Windows 10 :sweat_smile:
But only because I’m used to Windows tools, else I would work on Arch Linux as I also have it with Dual Boot

(Nathan) #9

You’re not alone

(Sander Jochems) #10

Windows 10 Pro

16GB DDR4 @ 2666Mhz
GTX 1070 Ti - 8GB GDDR5

And Linux (Ubuntu) & MacOS in Virtual Machines

(Hybro Team) #11

Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 Pro
Windows 7 Pro
Raspbian Jessie
Ubuntu Mate
Ubuntu 18.04
MacOS 10.13
Arch Linux
iOS 11
Android 7.1

These are all operating system I use to access Makeroid
Mainly using Windows 10 Home at the moment

(Hybro Team) #12

wow !
overclocking ?


Don’t you get lost sometimes. :grin:

(Arda Çebi) #14

macOS Mojave (Beta 2)

16GB DDR3 @ 1600Mhz
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB

I know that this setup is completely old, even before the RAM was 4 gb, I upgraded it myself.

I also have Windows running on a virtual machine perfectly because of the 16GB ram :wink:

(Sander Jochems) #15

No. I dont need to do that :joy:

(Arda Çebi) #16

I’m the one who needs overclocking (and I do)

(Sander Jochems) #17

My base speed is 3.7 GHz, but TurboBoost powers it up to 4.7 GHz, so no overclocking needed :joy:

(Arda Çebi) #18

Havin’ fun with my 2,5 GHz processor :expressionless:

(Arda Çebi) #19

Still works fast, I did all work from this computer so far, using a 27" Curved monitor besides it, so it really works great.

(Hybro Team) #20

your ram is 2666mhz, high clock speed !
and you got a 8700k which can be overclock !

Windows 10 Pro / Ubuntu / Arch / Antergos
Intel Core i5 3470
16gb ddr3 1600mhz ram
120gb ssd
Intel HD 2500 / Nvidia Geforce 210 (used before)
works well , lags if too much blocks

Windows 10 Home
Intel Core i7 7700HQ
16gb ddr4 2400mhz ram
256gb nvme ssd
Intel UHD 620 / Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4gb
works well , lags if too much blocks

MacOS 10.13
Intel Core i5 2500S
12gb ddr3 1066mhz ram
1tb hdd
AMD Graphic Card
works well , lags if too much blocks

Raspbian Jessie/ Ubuntu Mate
1gb ram
boardcom ARM CPU
32gb micro sd Card
lags, takes almost a minute to load the site

iOS 11.4
Apple A10 Fusion
2gb ram
128gb ssd
lags, can use if project does not contains a lots of Components or blocks

Android 7.1
Snapdragon 430
3gb ram
32gb EMMC
lags, cant even use Makeroid