Whats Paint : A Painting App

Hi everyone,
I would like to share my drawing app Whats Paint (obviously made with Makeroid :slight_smile:)

Note: If you’re not able to find it in Play Store , Use the link below.



Introduction :

Whats Paint - Whats Series

Whats Paint is an Art tool that every artist should have. The Application offers a wide range of features; for instance, A variety of brush sizes and modes to bring your creative ideas into life, you can change the picture dimension to help you focus on your drawings and get the size you want , and a wide set of colors that are easy on the eyes. You can import background images into the app to base your drawing on or to simply edit. All your drawings will be neatly saved in your gallery under Whats Paint’s folder. You can also share your artworks by just one click . However, what makes Paint amazing, is that its size is less than 5 MB, which means that the app is lightweight and it will most likely run in all the devices without problems. The application will be consistently updated with more features and tools.


  • Lightweight
  • Pen & Eraser
  • Brush Size
  • Beautiful Colors
  • Import Image
  • Choose Your Own Background Colors
  • Add Text
  • Can Change The Picture Dimension (16:9 , 4:3 , Portrait , Landscape , … )
  • A Size of 5 MB Only
  • Simple & Nice UI
  • User Friendly
  • Save & Share Pictures By Only One Click

** Rooted Devices Are Currently Not Supported ! **

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Congratulations on your new app!

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Nice :sunglasses:

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Great News ! We Are Going To Share This Project Source Code (.aia) !


We Have Shared This Project To Github , Feel Free To Use It !


I Will Upload The Whats Paint 1.1 Version APK Later , But There Is Some Bugs

Because Makeroid Server Have Been Shutdown , So We Wont Be Able To Give You Guys A Fixed Version Of The APK

Whats Paint_com.whatcraftteam.paint_11_1.1_.apk (5.1 MB)

I can fix the bugs for you… Tell em what they are?

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This APK File Got A Bug , which is the screen name is not correct for “Setting”

There’s not only one bug , but i cant remember what it is

Ok… Ill test the apk and fix it!

Stay online so I can PM you the new apk

                           Thanks A Lot !

I noticed you have a custom package name… Thats why it does that to the settings screen

Yes , i forgot to change the screen name , when i notice it , the makeroid builder has already down

I got you!

I don’t think it is ok to spread apks at the moment.

@Hybro I want to ask something, why do you mention “Team” everywhere? Are you only 1 person creating these apps or do you really have an office etc.?

Great app!

This Is An Account Of My Team , All My Team Members Are Student , We only have 5 People , We All Iike to create App So We Created This Team


Hi , I Am The Founder Of This Team , We Create App Together , So We Share The Same Account To Create Apps Here

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