What kind of app you want to see?


I think it might be a little bit off topic on Maked App , but I want to ask all Makeroid Users and Developer about what kind of app do you suggest us to bring you

Of course , it need to be possible to make in Makeroid :grin:

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Whatcraft Team

The above link is our official site , we are a group of student in Hong Kong who like IT , so we created this team to make Apps , Website , etc …

We have created this team for about 1 year and we haven’t had any very unique idea for creating app , this time we hope Makeroid users and developer can post their suggested features or ideas for us to create apps or to improve our app.

Whatcraft Team

I guess you should think of an app that you would use yourself. Don’t think to big in numbers of users that you want. Stay close to yourself and start from there.


I think you should put it in off-topic category as there is no screenshots and app link available

What’s the meaning of this reply and that also after two years? :thinking:

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