[Coming Soon] Whats Art : An App that can create Awesome Artwork for everyone!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to tell you that I will release Whats Art soon when it is ready !

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Small hint of the new Whats Art !

The app takes 190mb ! (5mb app and 190mb data) Can you guess what powerful features is it ?

Eh… You forgot to rename the app.

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Yes, it will be renamed when it is ready :grin:

Let’s guess what it is ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hope to see it at an early date!

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Sneakpeek #1

Offline Mode

Btw , Makeroid TinyWebDB is down again
(Now working)(just down for a few hours)

You should really consider using FirebaseDB

Yeah , so
Sneakpeek #2
Should be Firebase Support

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I’m curious, what use does a paint app have with an internet DB? Version Checks? Or do you have online features?


For Firebase,

The first feature will be Version Check, Terms Updates and Version Release Notes (for sneakpeeks #2 )

Second , it will be a Login and Register Account Features
Third , it will be the abilty to save , share and publish Artworks
And there should be something more that use FireBase
(For Second and Third, we are still planning if we will add)

I have updated the Last Post of Whats Paint,
If you want to know more, you may read it

@KodularCreator @Diego or @Peter can you close this topic ?