(Will Not Updated Anymore.) Budgie Draw - A drawing app with scrolling/moving and resizeable canvas! (For android 4.4.4+)

What is the name of your app?

Budgie Draw

Describe your app

A drawing app with paper moving/resizing, chromebook mode(not optimized)
It works with android 4.4.4+


App Store/Download link:

BudgieDraw.apk (7.5 MB)

(Note: rectangle option not working and it may crash at first open)

AIA file (Optional)

BudgieDraw.aia (806.6 KB)


Back button : Close/Open Toolbox
Hold to arrows : Set Paper Size
Click to arrows : Move Paper (Select another tool to exit)
Refresh icon : Redraw


New Update

  • Now paper size can be changed (hold to arrows icon)
  • Paper can be moved with clicking arrows icon (change pen tool to exit), click again to go back to start of paper.
  • Dark Theme added for night drawing (at beta)
  • Updated “turkish” language pack
  • Other basic bug fixes (rectangle still broken)
  • Now its open source

Why nearby no one sees my app?

It’s a very basic drawing app. It’s nice you made an attempt but why should anyone be interested in it when there are much better ones out there?

Perhaps you should explain the features and benefits of your app instead of this:

But i made scrolling canvas in it
Forgot to update screenshots

Ok, but how is your app better than other drawing apps out there?

Sorry, but i would say that’s kinda rude. The app is not that bad. So maybe you should test it first, although I agree about the description.

Few suggestions:
While drawing line/circle, you can show a trail or something.
Maybe you can show all the options (line, circle, rectangle, etc) all on the menu itself.

Rest is cool!

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You can move canvas and resize it
I didnt see it in other drawing apps made in kodular

I will try to do it

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I didn’t say it’s bad, but there are much better ones out there. The developer wants to know why no one is trying the app, and I want to know why someone should want to use it considering how basic it is.

It’s a good effort, but surely no one who wants to make drawings is going to look at this app and think it’s the best one for them.

New Update

  • All tools are in menu
  • max. pen size is now 40(like the light tool)
  • I tried to make extensions/addons but failled please ingore it

is it ok now?

New Update

  • You can open images with sharing to app
  • You can draw on corner of canvas now

New Update

  • Changed Loading Background
  • You Can Login And Logout via Google
  • max project limit was 400 but now project limit is 600

hello, I have tried your app and I will say well-done for the effort, nevertheless, I would recommend you make some few update to your app, Kodular have come of age and has a lot of features you can use, your app uses the back button to recall it menu options which in my opinion is not cool. you can have a floating button or a swipe menu to replay this action. the back button should only be used for what it is designed for, going back of applications and exiting functions.
secondly I saw a login/logout option, tried it and it work but for a canvas app, am wondering what is the use of that feature if I cant save my work’s progress in other to continue some other time or even save my work on the cloud. To me, it looks like that feature is just doing nothing in the app

Note that whenever you use a login or logout features in your app, you have a lot of responsibility to declare a lot of stuffs concerning your app when publishing it on the app stores because it is deemed you are taking personal data of users and failure to declare those stuffs could land your app into removal, I would advise if that feature is doing nothing, you remove it from your app.

The Last but no the least, there are still a lot you can do to improve your app but I think you should improve on or change your app icon. it is the very first thing anyone sees and it is the first call of attraction for your app, if the icon cannot attract me, there is no way I would download the app. remember to always keep things simple with graphical materials.

Thank you

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I was gonna add settings syncing

I tried it but it blocks the bottom right of canvas

It saves drawing data for redraw (as list) i will try to make cloud

Nice work but y have more option and development

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i am trying to make new icon for my app.
is this icon ok? @BrainWork

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New Update(Beta)

  • Changed app icon
  • Added cloud projects

If you get a list error please go to settings and go back to drawing area there is a bug that not loads projects correct

Download Beta Here
BudgieDraw.apk (8.0 MB)
BudgieDraw.aia (815.3 KB)

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