First PaintPad App

Hello everyone.
This is the result of my first app built with Kodular and Thank you Kodular and AI2 as without you i would never have been able to do this.
Ok i have found that my app does not work well on android 5.5 but after upgrading to 7.1.1 everything work more or less ok, I have one problem though.
When i try and take a photo and add that to my canvas the app does not work well judders and will not de circular motions on the canvas. If i upload a photo from my device it works fine.
So there seems to be something not quite right with the action button to the canvas.
I have also noted that the image comes out distorted, i will have to figure out how to resize an image called from the device or taken by the camera so that it fits the canvas better.
Image taken are saved with the app_Inventor1233435465467.jpg style file and not what i have coded.
I have to say for my first app it is not bad but it needs to be perfect if i ever wanted to put it on playstore.

Please do have a look at a my code and try the .apk


BeneficioDoodlePad.apk (6.6 MB)

Any help sorting out the very small problems of the photo to canvas and file naming please do say i would love to know how.

Thank you very much.

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Nice app! But when user set the brush width to extreme high, the line isn’t correct:

Hello @Robert Thank you very much.
Yes i noticed that, it was the same in the Companion i have no idea why.
The line will not work very well when a photo is taken and added to the canvas either, it distorts as well, but worse than shown above, and I am unable to draw a circle.
These seem to be the main two bugs i have at the moment and i am really not sure why yet.
If you have any idea how i can solve the brush distortion issue I would love to know thank you very much.

I also need to change the text on the colour so that it is the other way around.

To rectify this, in the dragging block, make sure to add 3 draw circle blocks for start, prev, and current. also set the radius to half the linewidth