A free drawing program to make your own sketches

name : ink point


ink point application is one of the rising Android applications
Which seeks to develop and update continuously to impress you
Simple application
Without ads


App Store/Download link:


Update 1.6

Make the drawing size save in tiny BD
Mode is dark
And Animation
and more Things

Thank you

@mika My simple ‘Night Mode’ extension
@vknow360 FileTools
@shreyash Phase • Animations made easy! - #56 by Rene1898

Thanks for the interactors


Thanks for the wonderful platform kodular:heart_eyes:


Good Work, Congrats for your project, best of luck

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Thank you

Don’t forget to try the app :grin::star_struck:

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I love to work with graphics and I never pass an opportunity to try a sketching app.
I like how you planned the interface, very clean and quick to understand, so people can focus more on what they need to do instead of learning some weird interface.

Also, I like the zooming feature, even though it doesn’t zoom in a lot, I guess you can control that and make it magnify the image a little more may be?

I noticed when I tried to exit the app that I had to press back a lot of times and the same screen kept showing up. You are probably opening the same screen a lot of times. Eventually that will make the app run out of memory and force close. Remember to open new screens and close those instead of opening screen1 again.

Another thing you can take a look at is the color and line width I select, doesn’t stay when I open the SETTINGS option. After I go back to the drawing screen all is reset to the default values. It should remember those, may be in a TinyDB?

But overall, congratulations on your sketching app. It’s very nice.


Make the drawing size save in tinydb
Mode is dark
And Animation
and more Things

I feel frustrated

Nice app :wink:

Sorry , I am one of them :frowning:

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A new update is coming:fire:

I started thinking about selling the app:sob::pleading_face:

I hope those who tried the application and delete it tell me things to improve the application

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Improvements and fixes

Add dark mode
Fix that line 0 by default
Add some animation in the app “is activated from the settings”
More to discover

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Don’t feel frustrated, just keep improving it. Besides, there’s always a big number of unistallations, unless you have some kind of shocking new idea for an app, that is normal.


Update arrived :grin:

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It’s amazing…
Thank you for using FileTools

But icons need to be improved

And some icons are not working or it is because I am using 4.4

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What is this

kodular :sob:

My app Doing a lot of card view :pensive:

When Animation is on, the animations are too slow.

The Circle feature doesn’t work the way I expected.

I would like to see the folder name in English when the Language is set to English:

I would like it to remember the language I selected here:

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I promise to i do that

What exactly do you want from these?:thinking::sweat:

Which comment are you referring to?

I mean circles in my application

Also slow animation means the emergence of icons
Or the emergence of toolbox and text box change