Makeroid running very slowly and has high RAM usage

Makeriod runing Very Slow and Use Lots Of Memory Why. I have 8gb ram core I5 ,2gd graphics.please make a way otherwise I have to quit makeriod



Which web browser are you using?
I would suggest you to use chrome, Makeroid works perfectly on it. :wink:

i try both chrome or microsoft edge same result

There’s Appybuilder tab opened I see.

i know i just comapre it .no other browser open on this time

Yep there is problem with it, Makeroid slower than Thunkable

I use firefox

Yes now I have to move my project in appybuilder .unfortunately .Please help makeriod .

Yes I agree with this that makeroid on my laptop also takes a huge amount of ram which is not so in other app inventor distributions. So please fix this @Diego

Plus, I don’t think the tests done were made under the same circumstances…

Create a new project in both AppyBuilder and Makeroid, and see RAM usage with this and not with normal task manager

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i have 8gb ram Core I5 2gb Graphics . Is .Any thing More Need for use makeriod please help me

Please send us data using the Chrome task manager.

I have a 32-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC paired with 2GB RAM. Makeroid runs pretty well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think it also actually depends on Os also as i have a laptop 10 years old with windows 7 ultimate 32 bit 3 gb ram having intel pentium dual core in which the makeroid builder runs smoothly but i have currently buyed a new laptop with windows 10 home 64 bit 4 gb ram intel core i5 in which makeroid builder lags.

But @Diego if you see thunkable it also has many features and it also doesn’t lag on my old and new laptop both. Also I use google chrome.


And that doesn’t include properties, events or methods, or the required resources to load the Builder GUI…

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see this then

More features / components = More RAM usage.

Actually the main point is that makeroid builder takes so much ram which should be reduced as far as possible.
Also, now i have added 4 gb more ram to my laptop and now makeroid is not lagging.
So if you have 64 bit processor then using 8 gb ram with builder does not make it to lag.

Bro I Have 8GB With Core I 5 With gb Graphic NVDIA But Always lag .Sometime Its Run Good But Most Of the Time Is laging

But now with my laptop after adding 4 gb ram, makeroid is not at all lagging. My laptop has intel i5 8th gen, 8 gb ddr4 ram , 2intel gb UHD 620 integrated graphics, Windows 10 Home premium 64 bit, Google chrome

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