Makeroid again going to slow

right now i check my project but makeroid not loading .if its loading and its crashed .
my laptop config is
window 10 pro
16 gb ram
core i7
i am using crome browser . and its updated .
so where is the issue i checked my cpu usages and clean my cache . but everything not solve my issue .
give your suggestion …

Is your app size too large?

yeah its little bit 30 screen is there in project.and i also want to create 100+ so according to this i guess its not possible i saw some post people create 1000+ but they dont have any prob in FEB 2018 .

You’re talking about the amout of screen on a same project ??

You may use layouts (set to visible or not) instead of too many screens!

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its a large project

Don’t use so much screen !
Like @clement_pignet said,

this is a point i will try it

no :cold_sweat:

noooo :scream:

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :dizzy_face:


yeah i understand but now problem is if its not open then how can i delete screen ???

Hope you understand, I don’t how it is possible to use such an amount of screensqnd you can’t do thzt, I’m no surprise you’re encountering bugs and slowness

You have a remove screen button but you’ll have to save your block in the backpack

Maybe download your project aia on your computer,
change .aia to .zip
remove some screens
change .aia to .zip
upload again you aia to makeroid

Simply use sketchware bro best for you

thanks mate

i have the same problem but i have 2 screens and +3000 blocks and kodular been slow

Can’t agre with you, works as it should.

Something is wrong in your end


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I agree, I have over 5k blocks and not an issue. @Boban has over 7k in one of his projects.

No problem.

A few things. Play with chrome, firefox, etc. Find a solution that works for you.

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@aribdiet Use mozilla firefox instead of Chrome. That solved my problem. I hope it will solve yours too :slight_smile:

And it also depends on hardware. For example, only about 1K blocks lagging in firefox and chrome too on weak PC.