Makeroid is hanging when I use 6 or 7 screen

Can anyone plz tell me I am facing problem in makeorid, when I use 6 to 7 screen I face a problem that makeroid start hanging.

This does not display your issue in type or video!

What do you mean I didn’t understand what you want to say.

That you have to give more info. You don’t tell much. Have you many blocks for instance.

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There are lots of block on every screen how it is possible to provide every blocks of each screen. Like I have a login screen, signup, Home,chat room registration screen, chat room screen, book store screen .
These are the screen I made

Your problem is probably the number of blocks in your app. Makeroid can do nothing about that. Maybe you have to rethink some of your screens or blocks.

See tip 1 and 3.

Thank you so much for helping me

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