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hello dear community. i am developing project with makeroid and now my app has over a thousand blocks. firstly thank makeroid for giving us such chanse to developing our own projects, and then want to say that in my situation block page is freezing and work is very very slow. after the each action i must wait about 10-15 seconds. and want to inform you that my pc is not slow, it has 8gb ram and i7 processor, and not running other process during working on the makeroid. it is very big performance problem. and other problem is that when block count is increasing developer can not find what he looking for. i think that it must have tabs option in block page to categorize the codes. also think that if tabs option will be implemented it will impact the performance also. i believe that admins will agree with me. thank you very much

thanks for raising the issue the makeroid community.
u must have to mention which type of app u are creating or want to create before asking the questions.
in some case our app is struck over a problem which is not a problem.
means some case we use a single component’s event and provide the task to that event is much higher than its capacity.

I had this problem too but i work now with chrome. I start the Chrome app with my GTX 1060 with 6GB ram. If i start my app only normal where the app use the integrated graaphic i had this troubles too. If you have so much blocks as mee you need video ram. On my pc with 4.5 ghz quadcoe and 4 gb video ram i work much slowlier as with my 6 GB video card. Ram is the same 16 GB. DDR4 ( surface book 2 15") . Try to start the chrome app with the graphic crad and not with the integrated graphic card from Intel like UHD620 or so ) This should bring you much increase in speed.

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Looks like you mean this:

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