Add tabs to blocks viewer

today we are building all the blocks under one block editor. when we have a lot of blocks to create it begins to be mess and not organized its a little bit complicated to find the part you need because you always to scroll down and up when there is a lot of blocks in there.
it would be much easier if we can divide blocks editor to tabs to be able to add a bulk of blocks just under the relevant tab, to see it more arranged and more faster to find as in the attachment.
thanks and I am appreciate all your work and waiting as all of us for the new makeroid soon :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’d possible, but I like the idea :+1:

I still like this idea. There is already a lot of code available.

LuThesis.pdf (6.6 MB)


In my opinion, it’ll be better, and probably easier to implement grouping and commenting Blocks (much like area comments in Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints) and tagging blocks. Multiple tags should be allowed.

Wow! navigation tabs will be awesome
blocks viewer willbe more clear


i like this

I like this idea :grin:

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Yep! it will be better in case we have to create Multiple Screens Within One Screen using Arrangements. it will help to sort the blocks of each Screen