Makeroid Work Slow When You Have Too Much Blocks

Hello @Kodular
I have Big Issue I create A App With Makeroid Builder But When I have 1100+ Block In One Screen Then Makeroid Work Very Slow.
When I move Any Block Then Makeroid Stop For 8 to 20 Second. After That When Click On Any Other Block Again Makeroid Stop For 8 To 20 Second.
Not Only Block Part Also Issue With Design part When Block are more then 1100+ makeroid desiner also stop working for 8 to 20 second after any action.
Please Solve This As Soon As Posible Because I can’t Use More Screen.

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Not work for me 4 gb ram , 1tb hard drive, window 7 ulimate 64 bit,
I try Crome & Firefox Both Byt Not Work Properly

try to update your windows to windows 10

I think , Problem in builder not in o.s.

Now I am working with windows 10

My makeroid Project Not Open What The Wheel Makeroid Team Again Update New Vision Please and Fixed This Bug…

Is there any way to disable elastic effects on block? While 1k or more, when put a component freeze while stretch & need to squeze window block and component become shrink and enable to move again. :thinking:

Just follow these simple steps and it will make it as fast as a new app -






Now remove each cookie by selecting it and then clicking on “Remove” and then finally “Done”.

This shall make your site as fast as new. Hope it helps.

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I have 1200+ block in my 1 screen. My builder does stop for a second

I don’t think it’s very large amount, my project were containing 3K+ blocks for each screen. ]

In the blocks editor?