Operation can not accept argument:[""],[1] .......it occurs as i test app

Please put the full error message that is displayed


also as i open app it shows error 908

Please show all the blocks, you haven’t shown all

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i wii send my aia ok

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This is not the way we work just post the blocks which conatins select list item block

listen if blocks are more in number to cover most experts advice to send aia…
it is difficult to cover all blocks, if u have experties u can catch it easily…else thanks for ur reply

You should understand atleast where you are facing problem, like when do you get this error?


In blocks section of your project, right click and select Dowload blocks as image option. This will download all the blocks as image in your PC and then you can share it here.
This is better than uploading aia directly

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listen it is list problem where we make lists for objects like we initalise variable and then we give it different values…like for side bar, nav bar…it can be math problem/empty text problem.

Please remove your aia file it contains all the improtant information about your firebase like api , token, anyone can misuse your aia

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thanks for helping me to provide an option

I think I found your error, it is beacuse you are directly selecting items from your firebase value, you should first store them in a list so you can use select item block

thanks for reminding me about misuse of my credientials… if u have found plz donot shear my credientials

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removed ok

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it is not loading as max size

my blocks img file is not uploading it says it goes beyond limit

tell me then

Please read before asking

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