OpticalMath private beta

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Hello, everybody! As you know, I was gone for a quite a long time and really inactive, probably like 1.5 years :blush: . But, during this time I had a lot of things to work on: graduating music school, writing a lot of PreIB exams and working on my 8 projects (mostly OpticalMath)…

Today, I am proud to tell, that a 100-people private beta is coming soon. We will be launching a private beta on July 4th and 100-people will be picked, which will get an invitation to test OpticalMath, provide feedback: bugs, enhancement requests and other info.

What is it?

OpticalMath is the next generation camera calculator, that uses camera for scanning math equations, expressions or polynomials and solves them right for you. It also provides step-by-step instructions, related videos, graphs and much more. It’s like Photomath but more powerful, better solving engine and more features.

Sign up for a beta

In order, to sign up for a chance to get an early access invitation, please:

  1. Head over to OpticalMath.
  2. Type your email address in the form.
  3. Press sign-up and hope to be picked :smile:

Registration deadline

The sign up form will be closed in 2 weeks (July 31st 14:30 (GMT+3)). So if you have the interest in checking out what I was working on, make sure to sign up :slight_smile:

Chance of being picked

  • 2 special positions: given to the most creative app makers across different platforms (whose apps have more than 1,000 downloads).
  • 5 special positions: given to the most innovative extension developers across different platforms.
  • 10 special positions: given to the most active community members across different platforms.
  • 80+ left positions: picked randomly.

How to know, if I was invited?

If you were invited to participate in a private OpticalMath beta :sunny: , on July 4th 19:30 (GMT+3) you will receive an email address with all instructions (where to get the application, bugs that are already known, info on how to send feedback, etc.).

Anything else to say?

Well, thank you for being an amazing community and so I am working on a new free extension just for you… Nothing more to say :wink:

Oh and, OpticalMath was not developed on an App Inventor/any distro, it was made with a lot of coffee cups, some Java/XML programming and a lot of time inside an Android Studio.


the registration has been closed, thank you for everyone who were interested into checking out early access/developer preview of OpticalMath. We have received +/- 200 requests to get early access. As a matter of privacy, the names/email addresses of the picked users won’t be shared. If they want, they will be able to share that they got into the beta over here. 100 lucky people will receive an email address from [email protected].
Best regards,
P.S: Yup, I did mistype July 31st instead of July 1st as the deadline, sorry!

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