Option 'High Quality Images' breaks my images

May be try by testing it in any other company devices !! Works all those paths Fine in Redmi Note 7 :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here…

Samsung S20, An…11


That would also mean every single app that is working with local stored images, published since Fenix update and High Quality images on isn’t working properly for Samsung users. Even these uploaded to Google Play.

This works on one of my Samsung test devices (Android 9) for image 1-3.
Try this (Image3) on Android 10, 11. (I don’t have a Samsung device with Android 11.)


Try this one HighQualityImagesTest3.aia (9.1 KB)

It goes like this more or less



I have the same problem, if I turn ON the High Quality option, my pictures stored inside the assets of the app don´t load, neither the ones in my sdcard…

I have the same problem. The bug ASD image hight quality only occurs with api higher than 29 (Android 11 and higher versions) No solutions!