Option 'High Quality Images' breaks my images

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Hi there!
When I set the option ‘High quality images’ on, all my images with local sources are invisible. With ‘high quality images’ my images show as supposed, but with poor quality.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Just create a image component, give it a local source (ex.: sd card) and turn on ‘high quality images’.

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Android version: 10

*With ‘high quality images’ off, my images show as supposed, but with poor quality.

Try these paths:

Everyone works for me (tested on Android 11).


With ‘High Quality Images’ off, all of your given paths work.

With ‘High Quality Images’ on, only your last given path (/sdcard/foto.jpg) works, but the quality doesn’t increase.

Tested on both, my Android 10 Smartphone and Android 11 Tablet.

test.aia (2.2 KB)

Works on all of my test devices … (HighQuality on / off).

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All paths are working even when High Quality Images is On/Offf.

Android Version :- 10

Tested as Apk as well as on companion !!!

Still not working, as documanted. No idea what i could do wrong.

Also it depends upon the pixel you set too. What did you set?. If you didn’t set and fixed pixel , i hope it will do good. But if you set pixel more than its original size that too will cause this kind of issue

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That could be because i just set image height and weight to automatic as in his aia it was


Which was showing images very small in my devices but all file path were working !!

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I tested with 45px, 300px and automatic. The images just don’t show with high quality images on.

Before Fenix update it worked perfectly fine, it showed a good quality even with 45px.

The image scaling is 512x512.

Could someone send me my .aia exported as .apk please?

With image height and width to 45px or automatic ?

45px please.

Does this work for you?

ImageTest.apk (5.1 MB)

Works but image sizes are small in my devices !!

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45px mean , how can you make it as high quality??? … What is your image?

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Not small, it is very very small… good to say it is as tiny

Instead of using 45px, what is happening with 45%??

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ImageTest45percent.apk (5.1 MB)

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So the problem is with the pixel only. And what can he do with just 45px ???, still I’m wondering, thinking,…Etc… we can design round button with this size to give good look…

And even who can guess it is in high quality with 45px???

@kawu reconsider with the pixel…

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This isn’t related to my problem, which is images disappearing when I turn on ‘High quality images’, no matter the pixel of the images. This 100% wasn’t the case before Fenix update.

Also since Fenix update, you have to add “file://” when you want to display a image from image picker.

Both is bad for user experience and needs to be fixed.

Are the images appearing in above apks ?

In all of them High Quality Images are set to On.

Only the last image with /sdcard/example.png, just like when I export the .aia.

Tested on both of my devices. Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with Android 11.

Maybe it’s a Samsung only bug.