Order from Whatsapp and share location automatically

Order from Whatsapp and share location automatically

I’ll be selling the .AIA components for $ 25

And you will get a tutorial how to make it

Thank you for the trust.

Thanks for All

And you can buy it here.

Example apk. : conks(5).apk (6.5 MB)

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This is not a relavent category so I changed it. And if you want to sell app/project then describe necessary information and change category to #marketplace

And who give you minimum $25 to get knowledge about only sharing component.

And this is not called as donation this is called purchase aia .

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Okay, thanks for the advice

Test apk

What do you all need?
For how to make it, I also made the video

I want to say that if you want donation by helping community with your logics than why you write that

This is not donation, donation give by our happiness not for get something . It is called purchasing

Am I wrong?

#offtopic I don’t know it’s your choice
Let’s not to go offtopic

Okay I try to change it