- Organic Food Recipes [ V - 4.0.0 ] Stay healthy

Here I made a new app on Organic Food recipes.


  • Explore Organical Recipes
  • App Is Absolutely Free for now.
  • Mesmerising UI
  • Lite and Hazel free
    And more…


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Logo : RoundIcons

A Big Thanks to :kodular: Kodular
& Community.

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Cheers !


Version - 1.0.3 Stem


Features added

  • Now you can write your own recipes.
  • Made app load up fast
  • Enhanced UI
  • Fixed some bugs & Added some bugs to fix them later.:wink:

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are you using grid card view extension

No, I just used the Kodular’s default cards…

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how you sort the newest recipes by time from database,and which database you use for this app.I really want to know

Update - 4.0.0

  • Browse Section redesigned
  • Material Card view
  • UI enhancements
  • Font changes
  • Removed Ads which intrupts user flow
  • Favourite Button added
  • Bug fixes

Extension used -

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Made with :kodular:


nice UI but can implement more features like videos, and check out this app cook food on play store it has got some interesting features some of which you can also add into your app :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

the app was removed from play store?

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My whole developer account got suspended. (Not because of this app)