[OS] MobileMD - Kodular Mangadex Client (New API)

New in v2.1.1.5 (20)
This version regains support for older devices


  • Regain support for older Android devices (Android < 7.1)
  • Minor changes

New in v2.1.1.6 (21)
This update addresses a major change in MangaDex 5.4.1. Please update to the latest version of the app to continue reading.


  • Updated MangaDex API support to 5.4.1 (Critical Update)
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Versions 2.1.2 & 2.1.3


  • Viewer will now mark chapters as read for page style comic/manga when the chapter is 75% complete. The read markers will sync with MangaDex. (v2.1.3 Fixes single page chapters not marking as read)
  • (v2.1.3) Improve long-strip display on tablets and large phones
  • Dropped support for Android 5 and 5.1 (SDK 21 - 22)
  • Minor improvements

Chapter markers coming soon for long-strip comics/manga


Version 2.1.4


  • Fixed crashes during login for devices below Android 11 (due to QuickShortcuts extension)

Version 2.1.5


  • Chapter marking now available for long-strip manga/comics, chapter will be automatically marked as read when it is 75% complete. The markers will sync with MangaDex. (Thanks @vknow360 for the fix!!)
  • Fixed 400 error when reading manga/comics in guest mode (caused by the chapter markers not checking whether the user is logged in)
  • Extensions update (QuickShortcuts, Dynamic Components and CustomWebView)
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.1.6 & 2.1.7

  • Fixed 401 unauthorized error (1001) due to MangaDex API changes
  • Fixed chapter marker not marking chapters as read due to API changes
  • Fixed screen orientation issues on settings and about screens
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