[OS] MobileMD - Kodular Mangadex Client (New API)

What is the name of your app?

Describe your app:

MoblieMD is an app where you can read comics and manga from MangaDex without using a browser. Its lighter than Tachiyomi in terms of app size (22.14MB vs 6MB)

Current features:

  • Read manga (Both long-strip and page layouts are supported)
  • Read manga in 14 different languages (Depends on availability)
  • View basic manga information
  • Add manga to follow list
  • View comments (through chrome custom tabs) (V5 DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS YET)
  • Search manga, translation groups and authors
  • Add shortcuts to the home screen for easy access to your favourite manga

Coming soon:

  • Manga ratings and basic stats
  • Downloadable chapters
  • More reader settings
  • Better loading screens that load the entire chapter before dismissing loading screen
  • Checkmark for read chapters
  • Author information


  • Reader title cannot be hidden as Kodular does not support overlapping components (Might have a solution)
  • Had a hard time trying to show titlebar icons and add option menu items at the same time
  • Dynamic images does not have any events like on image loaded making it impossible for me to know whether all the images loaded successfully
  • App font not consistent because not all kodular components with text support typeface import

Extensions used

If you encounter any bugs, please let me know in this thread, thanks!


App Store/Download link:

If You are using an older version, please update as Mangadex API no longer supports those versions
Version 2.1.3
MangaDex_Mobile.apk (6.7 MB)
Version 2.1.4
MangaDex_Mobile.apk (6.7 MB)
Version 2.1.5
MangaDex_Mobile.apk (6.7 MB)

AIA file/Source code

This AIA is updated to version 2.1.5
MangaDex_Mobile.aia (1.2 MB)

To open a AIA file:

  • Open Kodular Creator (https://c.kodular.io)
  • Sign in or sign up an account
  • Select “Import Project” in the home menu
  • Select the AIA file
  • Wait for it to import and open it

Play Store


Nice user interface. :+1:


Very Good Interface.


Woow, nice :slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes::+1:


I love anime

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There is no data in this app

Are you following any manga on mangadex?
An update will be releasing shortly with a new search function where you can read manga you have not followed

BTW, that is the old version… the API has been deprecated for that version, please use 2.0 beta

New in v2.0.1 Beta
New Features:

  • New search function! (Search manga, translation groups and authors)


  • Fixed issue with long strip comics when in datasaver mode
  • Fixed several text bugs when viewing anime info

New in v2.0.2 Beta

  • Critical fix

nice work…

New in v2.0.3 Beta

  • New chapter markers that sync with your Mangadex account (Updating read list not implemented yet as Mangadex is in read-only mode)
  • New follow manga button that allows you to add manga into your follow list on Mangadex (Not enabled yet because Mangadex is in a read-only mode)
  • Manga info now has content rating descriptors
  • Depending on the descriptor, a dialog box will pop up warning about the potentially unsafe content before you can read the manga chapter
  • New links view that allows you to see related links to the manga (MAL, Amazon product page and more…)
  • Page view manga is now zoomable
  • New about page


  • Chapter sorting has been reworked to coordinate both volume and chapter sorting (sorting is no longer done on the app)
  • Username now appears on the home sidebar


  • Fixed certain text display errors due to lag of html decoding
  • Fixed null errors when opening certain manga with its chapters having null as its chapter number

Thanks for trying the app! Please contact me on any issues

New in v2.0.4 Beta (7)

  • Basic support for groups (Follow status and members)
  • Done registrations (Mangadex has yet to enable this feature)
  • Logout is now available


  • Keyboard now hides when the search button is pressed
  • Manga info layout now hides when loading
  • Block optimization to reduce the amount of repeated blocks


  • Fixed issues related to the API updates.

Block count:

  • 4590 Blocks -> 5360 Blocks (+770 Blocks)

New in v2.0.5 Beta (8)

  • Critical fix on manga language options due to API update

Block count:

  • Unchanged
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New in v2.0.6 Beta (9)

  • New guest mode with limited functionality (search, manga and scanlator group info, read manga)
  • Cover art is now available (yay, no more placeholder images)


  • Follow list can now display more than 100 followed manga in the list
  • Block optimization to reduce number of blocks
  • Optimizations to manga reader with significant RAM reduction (No more webviews for image rendering)


  • Fix navigation bar colour in search screen
  • Fix error when clicking dismiss button on image dialog in manga info
  • Fix error when clicking ‘Start Reading’ when there is no chapters in a manga

Block count:

  • 5360 Blocks -> 6074 Blocks (+714 Blocks)


  • Currently planning to make an extension to improve the manga reader and include features such as reporting [email protected] stats to Mangadex (No personal info will be collected)
  • I will be removing v1.0 - v2.0.4 due to outdated API implementation

New in v2.0.6.1 Beta (10)

  • Fix 400 error when loading a manga with more than 500 chapters

Block count:

  • Unchanged

New in v2.0.6.2 Beta (11)

  • New history feature that lets you quickly access previously viewed manga


  • UI improvements to the home screen
  • New icons for the sidebar


  • Fix issue where the next chapter button appears on one-shot manga when in the reader

Block count:

  • 6074 Blocks -> 6269 Blocks (+195 Blocks)

New in v2.0.6.3 Beta (12)

  • New feedback form for suggestions
  • Language support for Spanish (es, es-la), Hungarian, Vietnamese, and Chinese (Simplified and traditional)


  • Fixed issue on History list where it does not open the correct manga when clicked.
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New in v2.1 (13)
First production release on Google Play! Downloads and user profile will be coming in the next major version in July


  • New “Mature content” switch that requires a Mangadex account to enable


  • Better error handling when there is no internet connection
  • Debug alerts are now hidden by default and can be enabled in the settings
  • Project page/source code is now available in the about screen
  • Better icons when there is no internet connection


  • Fixed scrolling issue in History
  • A lot of minor fixes
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New in v2.1.1 (15) - v2.1.1.3 (18)
Please update if you are on an older version of the app to regain functionailty


  • You can now follow/unfollow manga using the app
  • Markdown support for manga descriptions (Descriptions will be easier to read now)


  • Manga search results now show a short description of the manga instead of its status
  • Internal changes to long-strip reader for upcoming features
  • Other minor changes such as captialisation on the manga status and etc…


  • Updated MangaDex API support to 5.3.15 (Critical update)
  • Fixed long-strip manga from crashing due to webview problems

I will be releasing the markdown extension I made for the app soon. Sorry for the long delay.

You can download the app on Google Play for automatic updates

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New in v2.1.1.4 (19)
This version drops support for Android versions 5, 6 and 7.0. Sorry for the disappointment! I will try to find a way to regain support for older devices.



  • Account registration button now redirects to MangaDex


  • Minor fixes to follow list

The extension for the shortcuts is release for testing! Test it here!

You can download the app on Google Play for automatic updates