Otp message late or not received

Another one faced the same issue

Then Try Using way2sms extension or Using Web API.
I am testing these things. I will post the aia here if it works.

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Will kodular users face this problem?

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Ok, I will remember that

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Hey @sherif

You can use this idea…

Ok i will try this , But what about firebase??

Try this one, There may be some errors in the authentication. I will make you inform.

Thank you very much @Ariyan_AD for your time :hugs:


Hi @Ariyan_AD I hope you are fine

This is only for Indian user as I think :upside_down_face:

As for the problem of OTP messages that I am facing in my application, I have done two things so that I can determine the cause of this problem
First, I found that the problem is in all of my applications, not in one application. All my apps don’t send OTP to users
Secondly, I activated a new Firebase account using a different Gmail and the problem still exists in the application and it still does not send an OTP message to the user
We conclude from this that either there is a problem with my blocks , or there is a problem with the Authentication component

Label6 is country code
Text _Box1 is Phone Number

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Yes @sherif , I am totally fine.

Have you setup your firebase account properly.?

I mean to say, make sure you have done this…

Note: Give me some time to contact with Googlers ok! Then I will be able to understand and solve this problem if there any problem in Firebase.

I definitely have activated it

Please wait. Ok! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ariyan_AD I am waiting for you and thank you very much for your cooperation and help :hugs:

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Hey, @sherif
I have contacted with Google team, they made me believe that it’s not a problem of firebase. The problem is with the System, Means the way you are using.

You have to find a different way of sending the messages. Because the way you are using this message feature is incorrect, if you send any message to any number then it arrived only for 1 time but if you try 2nd time then It doesn’t because the data ( means the number ) was saved in FB database so it will not send any message to it again.

See this…

What if the user wants to uninstall the application and re-download it again?
And what about the period, will this message be sent to the user once for all?

Do you mean another OTP service?

If he reinstall , OTP doesn’t needed… Automatically it will get signed in or you can use firebase combo

Use this…

Or you can search any other method of doing this OTP verification.

I am saving user data in firebase using his phone number as a tag
if the app doesn’t get a user number, How can the app get user data from firebase after reinstall? :thinking:

By the authentication method. Using authentication method firebase can save data as a SUDO user out side of your FB database ( In Google Data ). So you can only use 1 number for OTP Delivery.