Our apps on PlayStore

Hello everybody! :hugs:
Today I’m here to show you an italian group :busts_in_silhouette: :busts_in_silhouette:, no knowledge of coding or computer science :man_technologist:, people from 14 to 50 years :baby: :older_man:, a group to study and improve our knowledge about kodular and visual programming :books:. Amateur coders.
This is our achievement today :trophy:. :point_right: OUR APPS :point_left:
We know, are simple apps, but they run :joy: It’s a big goal for us :joy:
If you like you can download and play them :inbox_tray:.
Tell us something about them, you like them? What we have to change or improve? Hints?
Yes , we managed to upload to Play Store too :sweat_smile:
Try them :star_struck: and thank you for help us :muscle: ! :kissing_heart:
Downloads and a few stars on the play store would be much appreciated :heartbeat:
:point_right: PLAY STORE :point_left:

Here some screenshots from mini games


share some screenshots here

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Ok , I will do it soon . Thanks

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