OutOfMemory error

What this error about it caused too much crashed in my app suggestions will help me

I am using devy cache image loader extension
Is that related to this extension ??



Hi @Sonam_Gupta,
It’s always better to show your blocks and to search on the community as well!

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Being a wallpapers app, I can say I’m 99% sure it’s because you have too many images open at the same time. All those images need to be decompressed and held in memory while visible. That’s why most of the wallpaper apps run out of memory.


But i am showing 10 image per scroll down by dynamic components

That is enough to run out of memory if the images are big enough. The size of the image file is not the size it will use in memory when displayed. The file size is what the compressed information is. Just like a zip or rar file. When you need to show that image, it needs to be decompressed in memory. Imagine decompressing 10 zip files all at the same time and having all their content in memory. That’s pretty much the same with the images.


So what is the solution of it ?

Use smaller size of the images of course…

you also might want to read tip 2


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