Overlap Extension (Paid)

As the name suggest, using this extension you can overlap any component over any other component. You can use this extension to make UI productive and it will look cooler.

Note = x coordinate, y coordinate, height & width all are in percentage

Examples =

Overlap extension in action =

Blocks images =

Blocks usage =

Price =
Rs. 500 or $10

Paypal link = LINK
For Indian users you can pay me with UPI, paytm and GooglePay. For that ib me.


I want to buy this with paytm

Give contact information first in message

Hi, I gave you contact info in inbox.

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There’s no need of an extension for almost everything, especially if something can be done with native components. Check out the below thread:


I already bought the extension :pleading_face:
But I think extension is easy to use

yes, I also tried this method but harder & longer to use, that’s why I created this extension in first place
These 2 (my extension and your method) is very different

Using this extension we can directly place overlap wherever we want, on whichever component we want, with specific coordinates.

Also this is official way to overlap components, so both are different


Official way?! Any proof to validate this claim?

PS: The easiest way to overlap components is using the Decoration component, as suggested by @ShaikhSajidAli in this post.

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bcoz it is based on frame layout

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That doesn’t makes it the official way at all. :man_shrugging:

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My custom webview extension is also based on frame layout.But I can’t say that it is the only and official way to create a webview.I can also use view group.
Your extension is good but still there are some questions which you will have to answer such as there is a huge difference in price for Indians and others. Can I know reason for this?

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@Shreyash Your methodo does not work with dynamic components created by dynamic components extension of @yusufcihan
It fails there


bcoz of huge fees taken from paypal

If there is a direct way or cheaper way to buy things internationally then plz tell me, I am happy to follow that

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Guys, I don’t have any problem if someone use your way or mine
I just uploaded this extension to make it easier to use builders. We are using different ways to do different things, some are direct some are indirect. And sometimes it makes the app little bit confusing and we all know that sometimes it makes builder laggy.


It is too high.PayPal is literally cheating with Indian users :rage:

Maybe you can try Google Pay.


Dear Friend
This $ 10 extension is very expensive.

This is not true. I just tested it, and it’s working perfectly fine. Here’s a sample project in case you want to test it: FastSalmonRat.aia (14.2 KB)


yes, If google pay is available in that country I will take payment from it
but the thing is, it is also not available everywhere

The point is not at all who’s way of doing stuff is superior and who’s inferior. It’s all about making users aware that they don’t need an extension for every single thing they want to do. If something can be done with native components and blocks, why use an extension? This way you are just making users too lazy to think and try something on their own.


sorry, but bcoz of paypal fees I have to use this price

if you have google pay or anything else which is cheaper, then I am ready to take payment from that way