Overshoot and animation; works for slide in but not for slide out

Hi Koders!
I want to make an overshoot with Decoration component and an animation with Phase extension. It works fine for the slide in up, but I can’t make it work in reverse way, make the red card view to slide out down with the same speed.
I tried with a clock to make this card view not visible after the animation is done, but it did’t work either.
What I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

PruebaPantalla.aia (73.9 KB)

I checked your aia and found mistake in Ocultar procedure don’t set margin to 0 and visilble false also.
PruebaPantalla(1).aia (73.7 KB)

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Ok! Thanks, it works good.
This is a test app, the main app has another arrangements over and below the main one of this test app. If I don’t set the Aviso_CV card view to non visible after the Phase animation, there will be any problem? Is this animation equivalent to set visible to false?

No problem when you set their visibility to false because animation automatically false the visibility .

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I add some vertical arrangements to the test app, below and above the main one. If the visibility of the Aviso_CV is not set to false after the animation, the Rojo_VA is not visible when the red button is clicked. (Video 1)
I added a clock to set the visibility to false after the animation, and there is no probem with Rojo_VA visibility after the Aviso_CV is showed.
(Video 2)

PruebaPantalla(1).aia (75.4 KB)