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Introducing OWOifier! The modern English-To-Furry/Anime translator.

“Hello” becomes “Hewwo” and “My friend, I love you!” becomes “My fwiend, I wove you!”. Finally, you can speak like your favorite anime character!

OWOifier also has the option to add clever (and creepy) asterisks to make your translation experience even more exciting! For example, “Hello” becomes “blushes nervously Hewwo”. It’s entirely random so the fun never ends! OWOifier can also add cute art to your sentences to make you go “aww how sweet!”. “Hello” becomes “Hello \(^ω^\)”. Again, it’s entirely random. You can also turn both of these options on AT THE SAME TIME to make your sentences truly awesome (and weird).

OWOifier is perfect if you want to mess with your friends, leave ironic comments on Reddit etc. It’s really up to you!

Translating is easy! Type your sentence in or use the handy “Paste from clipboard” button and tap “Translate” to instantly translate your sentence into something wonderful! You can also directly share text to the app through other apps!


App Store/Download link:

P.S. I am not a furry or a weeb, not that there’s anything wrong with that lol.


Hello,nice work.keep it up.try different & advanced something


I absolutely love the concept of the app! :joy: Great work!!!


Isn’t available in play store… :sob:

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