package of quickprinter

Good afternoon everyone!
I’m having trouble inserting another brand of printer in the app’s programming.
in the activity starter button of the printeshare printer, it looks like this;
ACTION = android.content.intent.category.LAUNCHER
ACTIVITY CLASS = com.dynamixsoftware.printershare.ActivityPrintDocuments
ACTIVITY PACKAGE = com.dynamixsoftware.printershare.
I would like help to put another printer, quickprinter as it would be.
I found the site, but it has many documents and I was in doubt what it would be, I ask for help from those who know how to solve it.
Thank you very much in advance.

Hi welcome the community,
You can’t install another printer in Printershare app from your app.
With activity starter you can open Printershare from your app and send a file so that it prints it (I believe that, don’t test).
I don’t know much about Printershare app.
Not all option available in Printersare are free. Perhaps need to use the version he pays ??
Check if the printer that you want to use is supportted
Connecting to your printer