PageNumber Extension [FREE]

:rocket: PageNumber Extension :rocket:

Hey Kodular Community!

I’m excited to introduce a new extension called PageNumber designed to simplify list filtering based on page numbers. This extension is perfect for managing large datasets and displaying them in a paginated format.

:package: Features:

  • Filter a list based on the specified page number.
  • Calculate the total number of pages based on items per page.
  • Set and retrieve the current page number.
  • Customize the number of items per page.

:wrench: How to Use:

  1. Initialize the extension in your project.
  2. Use the FilterListByPage function to filter a list based on the page number.
  3. Utilize the CalculateTotalPages function to get the total number of pages.
  4. Set or get the current page number with SetCurrentPage and GetCurrentPage functions.
  5. Adjust the number of items per page using the SetItemsPerPage function.
  6. Receive filtered list events through the FilteredPageList event.

:toolbox: List of Blocks:

Example Use:

:point_right: Download Link:
com.rasitech.pagenumber.aix (6.9 KB)

Feel free to test it out and let me know your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please drop a comment below.

Happy coding! :rocket::sparkles:


Nice extension :smiley:


Thank you friend

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