⭕ [PAID] [2.0] Circle Menu Extension : 🎉 Added Support For Floating On Screen

⭕ CircleMenu

Presenting you with my new extension extension component for CircleMenu to add circular menu to your app with a lot of customizations.


ℹ️ CircleMenu

💡  Current Version 1.0
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📦  in.akshatt.CircleMenu
📅   Created On 2022-01-18

Method Blocks


Create - Creates circle menu.

component_method (1)

OpenMenu - Opens the menu.

component_method (2)

CloseMenu - Closes the menu.

component_method (3)

isMenuOpened - Returns if menu is opened.

component_method (4)

SetMainMenu - Sets up main menu, set the icon color to -1 if you dont want to add any color

component_method (5)

AddSubMenu - Adds a sub menu, set the icon color to -1 if you dont want to add any color.

component_method (6)

SetShadowRadius - Sets the shadow radius of menu.

component_method (7)

SetIconSize - Sets the size of the menu icons. Note:- This method may not work properly

component_method (8)

Use Hex - For using hex color code.

Event Blocks

component_event (1)

OnMenuOpened - It is called when the menu has been opened

component_event (2)

OnMenuClosed - It is called when the menu has been closed


Properties to control position on screen


OnMenuSelected - It is called when the menu item has been selected has been opened. Returns id [int] of the item

↘️ Usage

Special thanks to @Shreyash for his amazing Rush and AIX Docs - Cttricks

2.0 Release Notes

Extension Price

➜ 500 inr
➜ 8💲

DM me for buying extension

Free Version Also Available ( Discontinued )
See here

Special thanks to the library owner:-

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DM means!:thinking::thinking:


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I think animation is 35% similar to this one

I agree but i think still my extension and his extension is still different :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have bought the extension but it is missing, important for me, the setting to make the menu appear in a certain position on the screen. Ex. 100 @ 100


@Angelo_Angius You can float the view on which circle menu is added by repositioning tools

ok, I will think it

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Should I release a free trial version for this extension

  • Yes
  • No

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Means shareware or apk

Shareware but without watermark with less features and customization

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@UnknownMan541 i request you not to edit my post

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Crashing in Android 11 ! App not responding (Ok and Wait)

Works fine in my device ( Android 11 )

When I click on that open animation button its get dark can it be remain light only in free version (aia that you have provided)

Yes ill change it in the next update for both (Free and Paid) where you can control it

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Bug found when app orientation changes than when click on main menu button app crashes in apk (android 11)

Can you share with me the apk which you are facing issues with

Version 1.1 [ Orientation Error Fix ]

After a long time I am here with a new update for the [ PAID ] version of this extension. The fix update for the [ FREE ] version will come soon as there are some fixes required.

Important :warning:

The **FREE** version of this extension will be **discontinued** after **1.1** update

About Update

This update contains a bug fix which caused error when we changed the screen orientation. So I came up with a solution which I will tell further.

How to fix?

In order to fix the bug you have to update your extension to 1.1 update. After that you need to use procedure block to make circle menu.

Now… Add the Screen Orientation Changed Event to blocks section and run the procedure from there as shown below:-

Where create_menu is the procedure to create the circular menu.

To buy, DM me :slight_smile: