[PAID] [499₹/7$] Firebase Cloud Messaging : Send notifications to your users

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Does this extension work in background, means when app isn’t open, can we send notifications then?


Yes it works finely :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, we’ve integrated the directboot library so the messaging service auto initializes on the Device Boot to increase notification delivery success rate.

Kindly check your PMs

Demo blocks & video?

Will be provided once purchased :slightly_smiling_face:
Video tutorial coming soon !

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Well, I think, you just lack common sense. Firebase Cloud Messaging delivers notifications complying with battery optimization.

Moreover, Firebase Cloud Messaging notifications are delivered by Firebase Server, it has nothing to do with the developer. Also

Also, who are you determine if this is useless or not?

And moreover brave of you to call me in midnight and spamming both community and dms with your messages.

You can confirm the latency in FCM notifications from other developers too.

And with regards to your behavior, I’ve refunded your money. No need of people who don’t research themselves and blame developers for everything.

If you’ve paid me, that doesn’t give you the right to call me during midnight and spamming both the community and the dms.

@Ezy_Aix Please post your extensions in community once if it’s ready for production, don’t create or modify extensions bugs after we pay you.
We’re not testers to test your extension and tell you the bug to modify for a whole day.
Please chat clearly, when i ask you the extension will be ready now, you said yes, and no reply for more than an hour.
I don’t have your phone number, just made a telegram call once and since your internet is turned off the call has not even rang, but you’re blaming why midnight call. If you replied that extension will be ready morning, then why i need to call you.
Please Refund Instantly, if you can’t provide bug free working extension within the timeframe, you have refunded just after seeing my reply in this post

which shows your developer experience.
When i asked you for OneSignal like extension, you said it uses REST API and it will be withdrawn sometime, but after receiving your extension it alse uses the same REST API & SERVER KEY, don’t think everyone is fool.
I paid the money and then you created or modified the extension which is useless which can’t send notifications also. And being a paid customer, i’ll call useless as useless only.
Deep recommendations @Ezy_Aix Publish your extension once it’s ready and also provide All demo blocks tutorial atleast even after purchse as we can’t wait for your reply for each and every block.
I’m satisfied with Deeplinks extension

and gave a legitimate review (will say good or bad, no matter who you are), hope my reviews are non-biased in the entire community.

It was ready for production, it was just that you weren’t sensible enough to reasearch

Removed for user privacy (Shared in dm)
Here’s your refund, I’ve initiated it and I don’t care losing a customer, who just blames the developer for everything

I’ve also bought his extension and it works finely. The delay in Firebase Cloud Messaging is handled by the Firebase Cloud Messaging Server and not the developer. If you aren’t able to figure out how to use the extension, you can’t call it useless.

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@Rudransh_Shukla can you send a message from this extension? can you subscribe to a topic? and my questions goes on and on as an nothing works on Android 13. I know that the answer is NO. Then what is purpose of this extension? just to receive a message.

Don’t promote others, i’m gonna say the truth that too only with proofs, hope leave this topic from now on, else i’m ready to share the entire chat screenshots (already taken before @Ezy_Aix delete the Telegram conversation), so everyone knows who speaks truth and also if you’re true then why you chat the Telegram conversation?

I don’t know but i think @Rudransh_Shukla may be @Ezy_Aix seconds Kodular account.
Anyhow leave this thing and move on, as truth always wins.

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And that’s where logical thinking comes in, if you were facing an issue in that block, if you would have asked me to fix that block, I wouldn’t deny it. But you’re busy spreading hate.

Having errors in block doesn’t means that the extension is a waste, try being kind and asking for help from the developer, they might help you, and spreading hate for an extension developer isn’t good anyways, so try getting help than spreading hate. Thank You.

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@Ezy_Aix Before you ask me to send money, you should have said that Extension has bugs, why you haven’t informed

@Rudransh_Shukla If he informed that extension or blocks or anything has bugs, then why i’m gonna buy this, If extension has bugs then why not mention in the Topic that Extension is in alpha or beta.

It’s just a mistake, if he knew, he might have fixed that and then published it, but he didn’t knew it, so you can inform him about that.

See, I don’t get dreams about bugs coming in the app and moreover, if 1 single block has an issue, Aren’t you supposed to atleast report it in a formal way to me?

It’s just insane that you created this much ruckus just due to a single bug in the aix. Woah !

@Peter Spreading hate about a extension developer isn’t good, isn’t it?