[PAID] AdColonyAds Extension - Latest SDK V4.8.0

[PAID] AdColonyAds Extension - Latest SDK v4.8.0

An extension to monetize your application with Ad Colony ads.


What is AdColony?

AdColony Inc. operates a mobile video advertising and monetization platform that plays crystal-clear high-definition videos. The company’s Instant-Play video advertisement technology delivers video advertisements instantly on iOS and Android platforms; and allows brands/agencies or application advertisers to engage audience with mobile videos.

Supported Mediation

  • Admob
  • Appodeal
  • Fyber
  • Ironsource
  • Tapjoy (Tapdaq)


Initialize and configure the sdk before load any ads. Set your ad colony appId. Set testMode as true while developing your application. isKeepScreenOn and is isChildDirected is boolean.


Banner Ad

Four types of banner ads available, also you can make your own banner ad using CustomSizeBanner. Set adSize from extension properties.

Interstitial Ad

Set zone id and call load interstitial ad, then when ad loaded event will be fired it’s time to show ad.

Rewarded Ad

Set zone id and call load rewarded ad, then when ad loaded event will be fired it’s time to show ad.

Note: You must need Kodular premium account to use this extension.

GitHub Repository ↓

Extension specifications:

Size: 1.35 MB
SDK Version: 4.8.0
GitHub Repository: :github: AdColonyAds
Demo Application: :android: AdColonyAds.apk - (Note: Use your own app id and zone id)
Last amendment: 19 October 2022
Payment methods: Binance | Skrill | Wise | Pyypl | Xoom | Pay2Me

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