[Paid] AdManager Ads Extension : SDK V23.0.0 🔥

Yes this extension is working fine. This extension doesn’t provide any additional features. It’s just provide you latest SDK. And it’s support Kodular child account too.


@JEWEL’s All extensions are Perfectly Running and Best on all over app inventor’s platform


Thanks @Mr_YouTuber_Official
Now I’m coding for it to update the SDK to the latest version. Need some beta tester for it. This MAJOR update will be free for all beta tester. Write here to become a beta tester.

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:android: MAJOR SDK Update Available

  • SDK updated to 23.0.0.
  • UMP SDK updated to 2.2.0.
  • Now you can design the NativeAdView by DynamicComponents.
  • Now it’s support cross-platform implementation.
  • I’ll charge a small fee for this MAJOR SDK update.
  • Special discounts will be applied to registered happy users and those who have already purchased the previous version (22.6) or upgraded from 21+ to the previous version (22.6). The discount will not be valid for those who have purchased 22+ and are also receiving regular minor updates at no charge.
  • If I forgot to add you into happy users list just let me know. (:smiley: Meet happy users)