[PAID] Admob Ads for Kodular Premium (SDK 22.0.0)


  • Reduce aix size to about 1mb.
  • Improved null safety to avoid crashes.
  • Fix RemoveBanner function.
  • Improved ad loading.
  • Added a block to get device Google Ads ID.

Dm me to get update.

give me update

Whats the price?
and payment mode

Excuse me, I want this. What is the price? Thank you. Iā€™m from Venezuela.

Thanks You so much for this extension :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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i want to buy admob extension

Google Admob shows a message that we have to add a GDPR message and implement UMP SDK.

I saw some blocks on other paid admob extensions but I cant find the relevant blocks in this extension. Can you please update the extension or tell us how to get rid of this GDPR message. Thanks in advance.

I also wanted a solution for this, I bought the admob friend license. And the same does not bring a solution


Updated to SDK 22.4.0
Fixed Bugs in consent
Added GDPR, EU Consent

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Yo igual, cual es el costo

Can I get the latest version? The one updated to SDK 22.4.0?
Thanks in advance.

Sure, will send it shortly