[PAID] Admob Ads for Kodular Premium (SDK 22.0.0)

An extension for integrating admob / admanager ads with bidding


Supported Ads types

Banners (Admob / Admanager)
Interstitials (Admob / Admanager)
AppOpen (Admob / Admanagers)
Rewarded (Admob / Admanager)
Rewarded Interstitials (Admob / Admanager)
Native Ads (Admob / Admanager)

Demo Video


Thanks for Baxolino for sponsoring the extension!


A notice to buyers :

I’ve removed the declaration of google_play_services_versionfrom the extension. This fixes the publishing error on Playstore due to conflict between new sdk of aix and old sdk of Kodular.

So next time if you dm me to buy, make sure to mention if you will be using firebase components.

If you will be using Firebase Components, I’ll send you the Firebase Compatible edition otherwise I’ll send you the normal edition with manifest metadata.

So next time you dm me, make sure to take this in consideration.

To buy

Dm me


What is the price?


Hi, would be dependent of following:

  1. Ads types you select
  2. Mediation Partners you select
  3. Admob or Admanager (or maybe both)

You are free to dm with your queries

How do I buy an extension?

You could dm, we can discuss payment methods

How do I send you a message on dm to buy the extension?

Since you are new, i sent you a dm

Can i bidding with facebook ads? Also, can i show unity and IronSorce in the mediation with this extension?


If adapters are available : YES

Nice :blush: Hehe :sweat_smile:

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Hi, how does it work, after I buy it, can I use my apps id myself? no commission? Is it dangerous to get in trouble with Google for using extension?
In my case I just want the admob banner.

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please I would like to use only admob ads (interstitial, banner and reward) can you tell me the value, and how do I contact you to make the payment?

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Hi, sent you a dm

What is the price for aix?

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you asked too many Questions

Note : price isn’t mentioned in post because it depends on country of user, ad formats he/she wants, mediation networks he/she wants, etc…etc…


How long will it take to send me the extension? It’s been 24 hours since I bought

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Hi, i was out of house, I am back now :slight_smile:

Crossing 50 sales :slight_smile: the buyers of aix this week will get any mediation network free of any inclusions in price

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