[PAID] Advanced Quiz Apps with Firebase Aia + Admin App

Nice one :upside_down_face:

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how can i message you personally as you suggested that go through my name but i went there i followed you but i am unable to PM. please send me link or any idea i want to buy your dynamic app

Check your message.

Awesome App !! :heart: :+1:


I want it; can not find the PM SECTION

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I sent you message, Check it.

I need this app with some modifications as below…

  1. Negative marking in wrong answer
  2. login system
  3. Multiple subject wise question.
  4. Paid quiz option

please provide your whatsapp no.

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Hi, welcome.

I have messaged you.

Please give your contact numner

I have sent you message. Check it.

2 mins over, please remove it.
You can share it in PM.

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UPDATE for Advanced Quiz App 2

Finally, now it is possible to jump to any question from the Quiz Progress.

Without losing your solved question responses you can navigate to any question directly from the Quiz Progress (Side Menu).


Nice :tada:

I give you a title “Quiz App Expert” :grin:


Hello can you create online quiz apps by using code to get question. And teacher can create question and get a code for that question. student will use the code to answer the question. like quizziz

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I have sent you a message (PM), we can discuss there.

the price friend?

I have sent you PM.

New to this community so cant pm. I am interested in your app so can we connect?

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I have sent you message.