[PAID] Advanced Quiz Apps with Firebase Aia + Admin App

Advanced Quiz Apps with Different Features

Silent Features

  1. Fully dynamic quiz app connected with firebase for better speed.

  2. Quiz instructions on start page.

  3. Clean, simple and attractive professional user interface. Never compromise with the UI

  4. Detailed quiz result analysis with circular progress view, category wise result as solved, skipped, correct and wrong questions.

  5. User score and time taken by the user to complete the quiz.

  6. Answer Key page to show all questions with their options, correct answer and user selected option. Green right remark (:heavy_check_mark:) for correct questions and red cross remark (:x:) for wrong questions.

  7. Leaderboard : Each user score with his name and his rank. Highest score user at the top.

  8. Share score option.

  9. Full customisable Total questions and Quiz Time

Advanced Features

  1. Now it is possible to insert Image questions. You can attach image to any question you want. Only image links are required. Image loaded using internet connection that means fully dynamic.
  2. Random Questions - Questions loaded randomly for each user.
  3. Quiz Progress Side Menu : Realtime quiz progress in side menu.
  4. Optional Feature: Offline quiz. Quiz loaded once, no need to connect to the internet to solve quiz next time.
  5. Previous Question Button : Now it is possible to go back to the previous question.
  6. Quiz score will be saved to leaderboard only on 1st attempt and he can solve it unlimited times with no change in his leaderboard rank further.


  1. Quiz Advanced 2
  2. Quiz Advanced 1
  3. Simple Quiz 2
  4. Simple Quiz 1
  5. Quick Quiz

Quiz Advanced 2 :

Exclusive Feature:
1. Image questions
2. Random Questions
3. Quiz progress in side menu
4. Previous question button.
5. Leaderboard.
6. Detailed quiz result analysis.
7. Answer key page.
8. Share score option.

Test Apk

Quiz Advanced 2.apk (6.1 MB)

Quiz Advanced 1

Exclusive Feature:
1. Random Questions
2. Quiz progress in side menu
3. Previous question button.
4. Leaderboard.
5. Detailed quiz result analysis.
6. Answer key page.
7. Share score option.

Test APK

Quiz Advanced 1.apk (6.1 MB)

Simple Quiz 2

Exclusive Feature
1. Previous Question Button
2. Leaderboard
3. Detailed quiz result analysis.
4. Answer key page.
5. Share score option.

Test APK

Quiz simple 2.apk (6.1 MB)

Simple Quiz 1

  1. Previous Question Button.
  2. Detailed quiz result analysis.
  3. Answer key page.
  4. Share score option.

Test APK

Quiz simple 1.apk (6.0 MB)

Quick Quiz

  1. Simple and fast quiz experience.
  2. Immediately shows right and wrong answers as green and red background respectively.
  3. Sound feedback
  4. Detailed quiz result analysis.
  5. Answer Key page
  6. Share score option.

Test APK

Quick_Quiz.apk (6.1 MB)


  1. Quiz Advanced 2 + Admin App
    800₹ or 14$

  2. Quiz Advanced 1 + Admin App
    600₹ or 10$

  3. Simple Quiz 2 + Admin App
    400₹ or 8$

  4. Simple Quiz 1 + Admin App
    200₹ or 4$

  5. Quick Quiz Admin App
    200₹ or 4$

Firebase test json file will be given.

How to Buy:
Just PM me.


I would like to thanks Kodular for this great platform.

Thanks to Beta Testers:

  1. @Maayur
  2. @AI_Developer
  3. @Vinaba_Jadeja
  4. @rajjangid911

Extensions used

No paid extensions used.

I would like to thanks for every extension developers.

These quiz aia’s are totally developed by me with my own logic.

More features will be added in next updates.

If you need any modifications in this quiz app or any other features or category wise quiz or any other type of quiz app then PM me with your details


Cool Apps… Ui is so Beautiful…

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great work
UI is >>> @ :heart:

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Awesom UI :heart_eyes:

It was my Pleasure to be beta Tester for this wonderfull project :innocent:


Why is it Optional for Now ?


Nice App with a beautiful UI

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Really good ui​:heart_eyes:.keep koading

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COOL UI, :smiley: :grinning:


It is available but i will implement it according to each user requirement. Because if it is kept offline then it will be not fully dynamic.


Thanks guys, :heartbeat: All of you! :heart_eyes:

If you found any bugs then please let me know. I tried my best to make it 100% bug free!

/Are the Images from Firebase storage ?Does images are called every time user opens the Quiz?


Any image link from anywhere will work.

Also image will be scaled to fit in the screen.

I suggest you to make your own cloud storage like firebase and store quiz images in it and just use image links in quiz.

Yes, because we are using image links to show image, so internet connection is required.

If you want to make it 100% offline then it is possible by loading images only for first time and store them as cache. So next time, it is called from cache.

Some Images will be Larger in dimensions , in that case it can distort the screen contents if is scalable.
fixed sizing would be a better option i guess :roll_eyes:


No, I have tested different sized images and they are fitted well in the screen.

Awesome app with awesome UI

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In that case you will be consuming a lot of bandwidth of your database and may be facing issues later.

I suggest you to cache the images to avoid unnecessary bandwidth consumption,
Yse this :point_down: Free extension to achieve this It will save lot of your money in futue for hosting.


I have explained same concept bere :smile:. Here images will be saved as cache using image loader extension.

If the user wants it 100% offline then i will do it the same for him.

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cool work @The_K_Studio


Thanks @Techno_Vedang :hugs:

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