[LATEST] Quiz App with Category and Advanced Professional Features

This is modified version of my previous quiz app with some improvements in the UI, and additional features.

The main reason for modification is that now you can add questions in a XL sheet and it will be used in the quiz app. This means there will be no database required, no bandwidth tension, no storage tension. You can add unlimited quizzes without tension of database usage.

Also adding quiz data in xl is much easier. Questions will load within few seconds (within 2 to 5 seconds).

Image and explanation is optional.


  1. Splash screen, Login page with one time Google login. Login is required to get user name which will be used for leaderboard.

  2. Side menu with minimalistic UI.

  3. Home screen contains Categories and subcategories. Each category will have its own sub categories. Each subcategory will have one quiz. You can add unlimited categories and subcategories.

  4. Quiz introduction screen: Introduction about the quiz number of questions, time etc.

  5. Quiz screen: Quiz screen has timer, timer progress bar, quiz progress button, mark review button and quiz layout with beautiful UI.

Image can be added in the quiz, when you add image it will be visible otherwise the image will be hidden.

  1. Real-time Quiz progress: During ongoing quiz user can click on quiz progress button to check the quiz progress that is number of questions solved, skipped, marked for review, and remaining questions in real time.

The main feature of quiz progress is that user can jump to any question by clicking on the question tiles.

  1. Results: result screen shows detail analysis of quiz with chart graph.

  2. Answer key: answer key shows the questions, with options, correct answer and user selected answers. Correct questions will be highlighted by green, like wise red for wrong and blue for skipped or not solved.

  3. Leaderboard: Each quiz will have a separate leaderboard connected with Firebase.

  4. Share score: User can share his/her score.

Other Important Features:

  1. For a selected quiz the questions will load only for the 1st time and saved locally and later on further attempts loading is not required.

  2. Random Questions: Every time the user attempt the quiz the questions will be randomly shown to every user.

  3. Number of questions is not limited in each quiz, you can add different number of questions in each quiz. Time will be adjusted depending on number of questions. You can set time and marks for each question and and rest is the logic.

Negative marking is also available. You can set negative marking, If selected 0 then no negative marking otherwise specified value will be considered as negative marking.

  1. Explanation: Answer explanation is also available. Same as like image, when added in the xl it will be shown in the answer key otherwise hidden.

  2. Beautiful, clean, minimalistic dark UI comfortable for eyes.

  3. This is fully dynamic quiz app, you can add, edit, delete categories, sub-categories and quiz data anytime and changes will reflect in the app.



Firebase is used for showing Category, subcategory and leaderboard. Firebase is fast and perfect for leaderboard. With free plans you can use it will not cost you unless your user base is too large.


Xl is used for quiz data.



Testing Apk:

QuizCategoryNew.apk (6.4 MB)

Extensions Used:

No paid extensions were used.


Thanks to all extension developers and Kodular for this beutiful platform to develop apps.

Price and How to buy:

DM me. Or you can message me on telegram (Username: Kiranmadde)

What will you get:

Quiz app AIA, Quiz admin app AIA, Firebase database test json file, Set-up video, and any other support required.


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If it is possible without extension then why to use it.

And, remember number of blocks doesn’t matter, the way you implement your logic, how efficient it is important.

Number of blocks just make your app size larger in few Kbs only.


Paid extensions are not allowed in AIAs. You cannot redistribute paid extensions.

The author focuses on the logic of the blocks, not relying on test extensions.

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Improve Catagory Design To Better Otherwise Nice App

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price and admob works?

I have messaged you the details.

I bought the application, it is a very successful application and it helped me a lot. Thanks.

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Hi, what´s the price of this extension? Thanks

I have messaged you the details.

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I am very satisfied with the application. Kiran helped me a lot. Additional features have been added. Also the best quiz app I’ve seen in kodular

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Thanks buddy for your feedback.

Update for existing buyers:

After API 33 update, due to permission error in read storage, images are not getting loaded as I am using Image utilities component to load image async that uses read external storage permission.

To fix this temporarily you can remove load image async block and directly load image with image component itself.

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Why you’re not using this.

I tried this, not working. Seems problem is with the update and permission issue.

Tell me the price. I hope it not very expensive. Because our idr value is to small than usd.