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QuizManager Extension

Introducing the QuizManager Extension, an essential tool tailored to enhance your Android applications’ capability to manage quiz games efficiently. This extension provides you with the functionality to handle quiz questions, track user scores, and much more, all within your app.

Note: To fully leverage the extension’s capabilities, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Structure your quiz content appropriately.
  2. Ensure that questions, options, and correct answers are clearly defined.
  3. Integrate the extension with your user interface components for an interactive experience.


The QuizManager Extension offers the ability to:

  • Add Questions with Images and Hints: Easily add new questions to your quiz, complete with multiple-choice options, correct answer indexes, accompanying images, and helpful hints for users.

  • Navigate Through Questions: Move forward to the next question or skip questions, allowing users to progress through the quiz at their pace.

  • Retrieve Current Question Details: Obtain the current question’s text, options, and associated image URL, allowing for dynamic question display in your app.

  • Manage Quiz Progress and Scoring: Keep track of the user’s current score and question index. Determine when the quiz is complete and reset the quiz as needed.

  • Evaluate Answers: Check the user’s answers against the correct ones and update their score accordingly, providing immediate feedback.

  • Shuffle Questions: Randomize the order of quiz questions to create a unique experience each time the quiz is taken.

  • Set Time Limits: Implement time constraints for answering each question to add difficulty levels and urgency to the quiz-taking experience.

  • Percentage-Based Progress and Scoring: Calculate and return the user’s progress through the quiz and their score as a percentage.

  • Skip and Hint Functions: Allow users to skip difficult questions and request hints to assist them in answering.

  • Retrieve Question by Index: Access questions directly by their index number for review or navigation purposes.

  • Get Incorrect Answer Count: Provide insights into the number of questions the user answered incorrectly.

Version 2

  • Now, you have an additional parameter in the Question class for the explanation. You also have a NEGATIVE_MARK constant to define the points to subtract for a wrong answer. The CheckAnswer function now handles incorrect answers by applying this penalty to the score and also sends the explanation for the correct answer using the QuestionAnswered event.

Remember to update the calls to AddQuestion to include the explanation parameter.


The QuizManager Extension comes with a variety of blocks that enable you to build a robust quiz application. Here are some essential blocks:


Get your hands on the QuizManager Extension AIX file here:

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Example Project

Discover what the QuizManager Extension can do by downloading the sample AIA file:
QuizManager.aia (38.0 KB)

For inquiries or support, feel free to connect on Telegram.

Collaborate and Contribute

Greetings, developers,

I’m excited to present the QuizManager.java file to the community. This file is the backbone of our QuizManager Extension, designed to bring quiz management functionality to Android app development. I believe in the power of collaboration to enhance and refine this tool.

Please delve into the code, refine functionalities, resolve any bugs, or expand upon what’s already there. Your input and contributions are invaluable.

Access the QuizManager.java file here on GitHub.

Together, we can forge an exemplary extension for managing quizzes within Android apps. If you have queries or recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out


You can add negative marking system and solution/explanation.


Thanks for the suggestion!:fire::+1:

Version 2 is ready! :fire:

How to move to next question?

I didn’t understand that how to use your extension?

I will add an explanation of how to use. See the example AIA file.

Add some features, like this extension has.

This Extension already cheapest price

The source code is available on GitHub for you to modify however you want. :+1:


Amigo pode fazer um vídeo ou um tutorial mostrando como utilizar?