I want to create a quizz app which user can import question, answer in google sheet and the app will mark

I am making a education app, but i don’t know how to take the data (question,answer) from google sheet. Im using the google sheet extention by [Kuldeep_Pilania].
my idea is user create google sheet, import the link to the app
gg sheet:
question: gg drive/pdf (user can look at it in kodular by pdf)
answer: ADADCA (QUESTION 1 anwser is A, QUESTION 2 answer is D, 3 A, 4 D, 5 C, 6 A) after choosing all, the app will mark and give the point.
But i don’t know how to import the answer data (ABCD) to the app to mark, and the sheet is different each time. Can someone help me please. Sorry for my bad English

This may help:

is there any another free way to do, so sorry because im just a student doing a small project

Yes, there are some open source koded quiz apps are available on community.

Just search quiz on community.

Its really cheap price you can test demo apk first

When the user asking for free ways then why are you forcing him to buy your extension.

This is like promoting/spamming your extension in the community.

He is asking free ways for learning purpose.

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Spend some time on this Guide

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Search On YouTube Many Tutorials Available