[Paid] Quiz App with Firebase Aia with Admin App

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Quiz App

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Today, I am introducing Quiz App aia from one of my project.

  1. Professional Quiz App User Interface.

  2. Multiple Choice Questions Quiz app with firebase.

  3. Useful for educational apps and quiz games.

  4. You can add unlimited questions, I tried with 125 questions loaded at a time (load in 2 to 5 seconds) and working fine in my project.

  5. Customizable Quiz timer

  6. Quiz result with circular progress.
    Answer key with total questions, options, correct answer and user selected answer.

  7. Share option to share score.

  8. Quiz Admin App to add questions from admin app without manually adding them from firebase.


  1. Quiz introduction layout:

  1. Quiz layout:

  1. Result layout with circular progress:

  1. Answer key layout:

  1. Firebase structure:

  1. Quiz Admin App to add questions without manually adding them from firebase.

  1. Video screenshot:

App Store/Download link:

Test apk with 5 questions:
Quiz_App.apk (6.0 MB)

No paid extensions used.

AIA file

PM me for aia.


Nice ui design


Good job…

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Really love the UI design @The_K_Studio!
Good job :+1:


Nice app, good job!!

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Nice UI :heart:
Try to Add Leaderboard System also try to connect multiple users at once :heart:


Already did it. But it is not included in this aia.
If anyone is interested then i will add it.

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Can I see Leaderboard screenshot :roll_eyes:

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Amazing :heart::heart_eyes:
I appreciate your hard work :blue_heart::ok_hand::hugs:


Thanks buddy :grinning:

Leaderboard based on Firebase or MYSQL :question:

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When user attempt a quiz test and complete it then his score will stored in firebase database with his name as tag and score as value.

It is then according to high score sorted out in merit list.

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From above result screenshot if total questions are 5 and total marks are 20 then each question should carry 4 marks.Following this if your 2 questions are correct the marks obtained out of 20 should be 8 instead of 6.

Below is another screenshot from what I have tried. Here the marks obtained should be 4 instead of 0

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No, because there is negative marking system.

For each wrong answer 1 mark will be deducted.
For each right answer 4 marks will be given.

I think you have not read this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This logic can be changed according to need.

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Nice, Clean and Simple Design. I also like such design language. :wink:

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Ok got it. Thanks for clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great Design! Appreciate it :blush: :+1:


Did you use any extension to make this list ?

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ColinTree ListView

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