[Paid] Online Multiplayer 1v1 Quiz App

Hi everyone,

Online Multiplayer (2 Players) 1v1 Quiz App


Online Multiplayer 1v1 Quiz App with Real-time data exchange between 2 players powered by Firebase.


  1. 1v1 quiz app between 2 online players.
  2. Matchmaking will be done in 2 players which are searching for opponent at same time.
  3. After successful matchmaking Room will be created between these players.
  4. Supports multiple rooms at same time.
  5. Fastest answer given user with most correct answers will be winner.
  6. 5 questions are asked which will be multiple choice questions (MCQ).
  7. 10 seconds stopwatch timer for each question.
  8. Points allotted depending on the time taken to answer each question.
  9. Real-time score exchange/sync between 2 players.
  10. Detailed score analysis in results.

Other Features

  1. Clean, attractive User Interface.
  2. Opponent name and image will be shown in live quiz.
  3. Login with Google.
  4. Energetic Background Music during gameplay.
  5. 1 minute waiting time during searching opponent.

You can use this Aia to develop any multiplayer games or Tournament Apps

Extensions Used

No paid extensions are used.

Test Apk

MultiplayerQuiz.apk (8.6 MB)

Price & How to Buy

PM me.


  1. Special thanks to @DeveloperLeo

  2. Thanks Kodular for this great platform.

If you need a modified aia according to your requirements just PM me.


Nice UI :+1:
@The_K_Studio question : what if there is no player online


If no player is online then No matchmaking will be done, minimum 2 players need to be online…

You can make that player play with a bot. Which give correct or incorrect answers after random time to make it look real if there are no player online


Nice suggestion, but this is 1v1 live quiz between 2 real players and also data is exchanged beween them. I will think about your suggestion. Thanks.

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HEY Kiran.I like your app and i like to buy the aia…can you please give me your contact

[quote=“The_K_Studio, post:5, topic:81988”]
ggestion, but this is 1v1 live quiz between 2 real players and also data is exchanged beween them. I will think about your suggestion. Thanks

Whats the price of ur app !

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:point_down: :point_down:

Check your message.

Awesome App !! :heart:

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How did you do this? What can you tell about your database

See here…


What is the price

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Nyc app but u know firebase is very costly


Yes, but firebase is the only database which provides real-time data exchange for such apps to work smoothly.

For startup free plan in sufficient.

If you started earning then you can also pay for firebase plans.

Yes u are right


Amazing app…nice UI…
I think It would be better if you put a bot fucntion…
I mean if no player online then pop up a notifier that…
You want to play with auto bot?
Yes or Search again…

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Thanks for suggestions. :grinning:

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By the way nice design and colour matching…

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